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    "Over The L'Arc-en-Ciel" 2015.04.15 Release Confirmed!!

    L'Arc-en-Ciel's DOCUMENTARY FILMS ~WORLD TOUR 2012~ “Over The L'Arc-en-Ciel” which was a smash hit and recorded a fastest “over 100,000,000 JPY” box-office revenue among all the music documentary films during the year 2014 will be on sale as a complete version by Blu-ray /DVD! (It will include scenes which were not published in the theater, nor in niconico provision.)
    L'Arc-en-Ciel's precious scenes which were not open to public so much up to the present will be packed into this documentary masterpiece!
    Will be on sale in 3 types of form - [Blu-ray] Limited Edition / Regular Edition, [DVD] Regular Edition.

    “Over The L'Arc-en-Ciel”

    April 15, 2015 out


    [Limited Edition]
    BD KSXL 168 6,800JPY+tax
    ■Luxurious Special Package
    ■Special favor – Film “Over The L'Arc-en-Ciel” -Trailer-
    ■Film “Over The L'Arc-en-Ciel” mini-brochure enclosed

    [Regular Edition]
    BD KSXL 169 5,500JPY+tax


    [Regular Edition]
    DVD KSBL 6180 4,300JPY+tax

    <CD shop, storefront special favor>
    Film “Over The L'Arc-en-Ciel” B2 sized publicity poster

    At the CD stores all over Japan, to the people who purchases one of “[Blu-ray] Limited version / Normal version, [DVD] Normal version” – To the first comer, there is a present! The present is the “Over The L'Arc-en-Ciel” B2 sized publicity poster! It won't be available at other places.
    *Availability of this special favor: Please ask each CD store. It will not be available on online stores (except Sony Music Shop).
    *Please be noticed that there are limited numbers for the special favor. First come, first served. Please make your early reservation/purchase.