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  • hyde
    HYDE CHANNEL presents "HYDE LIVE 2020 Jekyll & Hyde" SP On-Air!

    HYDE, who held the experimental audience-inclusive live concert broadcast "HYDE LIVE 2020 Jekyll & Hyde" over a total of 5 days, with an approach from two extreme opposites in the form of the "Acoustic Day" and "Rock Day".
    During the "Rock Day" concerts, a new system allowing for audience participation, "SHOWROOM Arena (β)", the first of its kind in the world, was introduced and the concert's outlook and music was delivered not only at the venue but also to fans all over the world who were connected online.
    As the excitement from the concerts continues to linger, a section of the "Acoustic Day" concerts will be broadcast live on HYDE CHANNEL.
    Not only will you be able to watch parts of the concert, HYDE himself will also be providing a live commentary while looking back on this concert.

    【Program Information】
    HYDE CHANNEL vol.17
    HYDE CHANNEL presents "HYDE LIVE 2020 Jekyll & Hyde" SP

    【Broadcast Schedule】
    September 28, 2020 (Mon) 8:00pm〜 (JST) Live Broadcast

    Broadcast Page >>
    ※A section of the broadcast will be available only to HYDE CHANNEL members.
    ※Please become a member of HYDE CHANNEL to view the full broadcast.

    ※For more information, please refer to HYDE's Official Website.
    HYDE Official Website >>

  • hyde
    HYDE Live Broadcast "LIVE EX" to Air on TELASA!

    On July 24, 2020 (Fri), HYDE participated in the no-audience battle-of-the-bands concert "LIVE EX" that was organized by TV Asahi. It has been decided that the concert will be aired on the video platform "TELASA".
    Please do enjoy the specially re-edited "LIVE EX〜TELASA ver.".

    【Broadcast Overview】

    【Broadcast Period】
    September 27, 2020 (Sun) 〜 November 26, 2020 (Thu)
    Broadcast URL >>

    【Broadcast Setlist】
    03. SICK
    05. MAD QUALIA

    01. Survivor
    02. DAY×DAY
    03. Bad Paradox (バッドパラドックス)
    04. VS
    05. Polaris (ポラリス)

    02. Hankou Seimei (反抗声明)
    03. Everything
    04. Gatekeeper

    TELASA Official Website >>

    ※For more information, please refer to HYDE's Official Website.
    HYDE Official Website >>

  • tetsuya
    "TETSUYA 'LIVE STREAMING 2020'" Rebroadcast Confirmed!!

    "TETSUYA 'LIVE STREAMING 2020'" will be rebroadcast on TETSUYA's birthday on October 3. 
    Concert-viewing tickets will go on sale today.

    Sales Period September 25, 2020 (Fri) 8:00pm 〜 October 3 (Sat) 8:00pm
    Broadcast Room Opening 7:00pm

    Start October 3, 2020 (Sat) 8:00pm
    End 9:30pm scheduled
    ※Tickets are limited to 1 per person.
    ※Fans who have purchased tickets the previous 2 times will be able to view the rebroadcast.

    【How to View】
    ①Purchase tickets from the TETSUYA Official Goods Store.
    ②After the confirmation of your order and the opening of the broadcast room, the e-ticket serial code / link to the broadcast room will be delivered through e-mail.
    ③Access the broadcast room through the link provided in the e-mail.
    ④Log in to or register an account (free) on SHOWROOM.
    ⑤Input the e-ticket serial code to enter and view the broadcast.
    ※Each e-ticket serial code can only be used by 1 person. 
    To Purchase Concert-viewing Tickets >>
    For more information, please refer to TETSUYA's Official Website.
    TETSUYA Official Website >>

  • hyde
    HYDE to Perform at NHK WORLD-JAPAN presents SONGS OF TOKYO Festival 2020!

    HYDE will perform at the annual festival "NHK WORLD-JAPAN presents SONGS OF TOKYO", a program which broadcasts performances by internationally-popular Japanese artists to the world.
    The program will be recorded with no audience at the NHK Hall in Shibuya and is scheduled to be broadcast on NHK WORLD-JAPAN (international broadcast) and on NHK General TV.

    NHK WORLD-JAPAN presents SONGS OF TOKYO Festival 2020
    【Broadcast Schedule】
    ◆NHK WORLD-JAPAN (International Broadcast)
    Part1 October 24 (Sat) 8:10 〜 8:58am, 2:10pm〜, 7:10pm〜, 2:10am〜
    Part2 October 25 (Sun) 8:10 〜 8:58am, 2:10pm〜, 7:10pm〜, 2:10am〜
    Part3 October 31 (Sat) 8:10 〜 8:58am, 2:10pm〜, 7:10pm〜, 2:10am〜
    Part4 November 1 (Sun) 8:10 〜 8:58am, 2:10pm〜, 7:10pm〜, 2:10am〜
    ※HYDE's appearance schedule will be announced as soon as it is confirmed.

    ◆Broadcast-Simultaneous Streaming
    The program will be streamed simultaneously within Japan during the above broadcast timeslots.
    The program can be viewed from the "NHK WORLD-JAPAN" homepage or app. 
    "NHK WORLD-JAPAN" Homepage >>
    "NHK WORLD-JAPAN" App >>

    ◆General Television
    The broadcast schedule will be announced when dates have been confirmed.
    Host: Murakami Shingo
    Co-Host: Horan Chiaki
    Guest Artists (In Japanese Syllabary Order)
    THE IDOLM@STER / Aoi Shouta / Ikimonogakari / SixTONES / NEWS / HYDE / BanG Dream! / Perfume / Hinatazaka46 / Foorin / Foorin team E / BABYMETAL / Hotei Tomoyasu / Mizuki Nana / Minase Inori / Momoiro Clover Z / Walküre
    Program Website >>
    ※Information regarding broadcast schedules and additional guest artists will be announced on the above website.

    For more information, please refer to HYDE's Official Website.
    HYDE Official Website >>

  • hyde
    HYDE Produces Opening Theme for TV Anime "NOBLESSE", Sung by Kim Jae-joong!

    HYDE has produced the song "BREAKING DAWN (Japanese Ver.) Produced by HYDE", which is sung by Kim Jae-joong. The song will be the opening theme for the television anime "NOBLESSE".
    Ahead of the start of the anime's broadcast on October 7, 2020 (Wed), the song will be partially revealed during the special broadcast on September 28 (Mon).
    【Comment from HYDE】
    The underlying theme of the television anime "NOBLESSE" is "fighting to protect friends and what is important to us", hence I wrote "BREAKING DAWN" with that very same message in mind.
    I also kept in mind that Jae-joong, who is always thinking about his fans, would be singing this song, so I made a point to choose words that would hopefully make his fans happy.  
    I think it turned out to be a great song, so do please look forward to it.
    HYDE Video Comment >>
    TV Anime "NOBLESSE" Official Website >>
    TV Anime "NOBLESSE" Broadcast Information
    Starts Airing October 7, 2020 (Wed)
    [TOKYO MX] 24:00〜 (12:00am〜 on October 8)
    [BS11] 25:30〜 (1:30am〜 on October 8)
    TV Anime "NOBLESSE" Pre-release Special
    As Episode 0 of the anime, its prequel, the original video animation "Noblesse: Awakening", will air on television for the first time.
    A section of the opening theme, "BREAKING DAWN (Japanese Ver.) Produced by HYDE" which is sung by Kim Jae-joong, is scheduled to be revealed during this special broadcast.
    [TOKYO MX] September 28 (Mon) 10:00pm 〜 11:00pm
    [BS11] September 28 (Mon) 11:00pm 〜 12:00am
    For more information, please refer to HYDE's Official Website.
    HYDE Official Website >>