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  • yukihiro
    The pre-sale of GRASS VALLEY’s Original Album Remastered Edition which is a rereleasing project requested by yukihiro is going to start on ORDER MADE FACTORY.

    The pre-sale of the re-releasing project, the Original Album Box, which contains 6 tracks of the rock band GRASS VALLEY is going to start on “ORDER MADE FACTORY” platform from Sony Music Shop. GRASS VALLEY is a band which debuted in 1987 and developed its unique worldview by the middle of 90s. This time, the project is requested because yukihiro is greatly inspired by GLASS VALLEY’s member Wataru Kamiryo’s drumming style. Also, it is the first time in “ORDER-MADE FACTORY” history that a made-to-order rerelease project is launched under the request from an artist.

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    The pre-sale of GRASS VALLEY『Original Album Remastered Edition Box』produced by yukihiro is going to start today.
    It is the first digital remastering of GRASS VALLEY’s Original Album, and the album is going to be released in CD and Blu-spec CD2. Both are of high quality and much closer to the original sound. Once the commercialization is confirmed, the expected on-sale will be in around 2 months.

    『Original Album Remastered Edition Box』

    【Number】 DQCL-743~748
    【Price】 12,500 yen +tax

    [DISC 1] 1st Album 『GRASS VALLEY』
    [DISC 2] 2nd Album 『MOON VOICE』
    [DISC 3] 3rd Album 『STYLE』
    [DISC 4] 4th Album 『LOGOS~行(GYO)~』
    [DISC 5] 5th Album 『瓦礫の街(Gareki no machi)~SEEK FOR LOVE』
    [DISC 6] 6th Album 『at GRASS VALLEY』

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