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    "MAD QUALIA" release commemorative campaign at store - #HYDE Store POP Award is going to be held!

    New single "MAD QUALIA" to be released on March 20 will be available at CD shops in Japan.
    Please post a tweet about an episode that you think it is awesome and is worth a "like" when you are shopping at the store, like the billboard and the comments from the store.
    HYDE will be the judge to determine which CD store will be the best among all according to the tweets posted by all of you. HYDE will also visit and greet the best store selected!
    Moreover, Poster (Message Board) with printed signature will be presented at the top 3 outstanding stores when the album starts to be on sale.

    Besides, HYDE's autographed poster will be given to one participant who posted the tweet or retweeted the tweet for the best store by lottery .
    Please participate the event as the number of retweets and comments from all of you will all be considered as partsof the judgement!

    【Tweeting Period】 March 19 (TUE) 〜 March 25 (MON) 23:59
    【Content of Prize】 Autographed Poster (for announcement) x 10

    Please click here to check the store list for the POP Award Campaign>>

    *Please check the details on HYDE OFFICIAL SITE.