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    LIVE Broadcast at Osaka LIVE in "HYDE LIVE 2019" on HYDE CHANNEL has been confirmed!

    We have just decided to have a LIVE Broadcast on HYDE CHANNEL!!
    We will bring you on-the-spot reports and interview with HYDE shortly after the show from the Live venue filled with feverish excitement.
    Moreover, part of the LIVE performances will also broadcast in real time!
    Besides, one panel of artist photo and panels of CD jackets' artwork for each track included in the album "ANTI" with HYDE's autograph signed at the 1st episode of our program will be given to the winners of the lottery limited to the channel members!

    【Details of the Program】
    「HYDE LIVE 2019」LIVE Broadcast at Osaka LIVE 〜HYDE LIVE Interview & Broadcast a part of the LIVE〜
    July 14, 2019 (SUN) 16:00〜

    ※For more details, please check the Official website of HYDE CHANNEL.