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    HYDE CHANNEL presents HYDE-RA Reboot SP on Air!

    HYDE-RA (HYDE RADIO) is a special radio program which was broadcasted only to the members of the official mobile site, "HYDERoom". It mainly focused on the very normal topics away from work, such as daily life of HYDE and what HYDE thinks every day.
    This program was full of unknown stories to which you can only listen here. And it was a very popular program among those in the know. Unfortunately, the program has come to an end in 2019.
    This legendary program finally will be resurrected for this time only on HYDE CHANNEL!
    What will happen when HYDE-RA which was supposed to be a radio program, is going to be broadcasted as the viewable content?
    Stay tuned!

    【Broadcast Information】
    HYDE CHANNEL vol.16
    HYDE CHANNEL presents HYDE-RA Reboot SP

    【Broadcast Date & Time】
    August 23, 2020 (Sun) 6pm〜 (JST) Live Broadcast

    MC Shota Shimono

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    ※A section of the broadcast will be available only to HYDE CHANNEL members.
    ※Please become a member of HYDE CHANNEL to view the full broadcast.
    ※For more information, please refer to HYDE's Official Website.
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