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    L'Arc-en-Ciel's First Ever High-Resolution Audio Digital Releases Announced!

    New Single “EVERLASTING” and 12 Full-Length Albums to be Released Digitally!

    Hear even more of L'Arc-en-Ciel with high-resolution audio digital re-releases!

    Fri. Oct. 10 New single “EVERLASTING” high-res digital release
    Wed. Oct. 22 Full-length album (12 titles) digital release
    Titles released: “DUNE”, “Tierra”, “heavenly”, “True”, “HEART”, “ark”, “ray”, “REAL”, “SMILE”, “AWAKE”, “KISS”, “BUTTERFLY”

    The releases will be available from the following 2 sites.

    -What is High-Resolution Audio?-
    High-resolution audio is an audio recording format that allows for greater fidelity to the original source recording. High-resolution audio recordings make never-before-heard details audible and bring music to life.
    More details>>

    To purchase the albums early on October 10th from music download service mora ~WALKMAN Official Music Store~, sign up for mora's mailing list to receive the download URL!
    mora high-res site>>